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Great magic, incredibly fun!

James Cielen Magic Montage

A montage of illusions, a great piece with one of the dogs – Simba, and some close-up magic on the big screen.

James Cielen – Illusionist Reel

Illusions clips, stand-up clips and the Dog Vanish!!

Bo-staff Illusion

A great illusion with a surprise ending!

Comedy Cue Cards

A great interactive comedy routine where James orchestrates FUN! Performed thousands of times, James always gets the spectators to say and do the funniest things. This video is from a theater on a luxury cruise ship. This routine is perfect in a corporate setting, interacting with a company executive.

Op-Art Illusion

One of the routines that James sometimes performs in the Illusion Show

Older Magic Montage

This is a montage from many years ago.

James has performed so many routines over the years. When deciding on the tricks and illusions to include in a show, James has a lot to draw from.

Next Steps…

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