The Magic Set


Executive Magic Set
with Small Vanishing Handkerchief for Ages 6-12

Executive Set includes:
The Wonder Box
Color Changing Handkerchiefs
Crystal Coin Case
Svengali Deck & Book
The Vanishing Handkerchief
The Impossible Link
Color Vision
The Cookie Trick
Live Show Videos
Secret InstructionsVideos
Also included:
The Metamorphosis Card
The Pencil Trick
The Color Changing Book

Deck of Special Blank Magic Cards
Two Card Monte
101 Tricks with the Top Secret Gimmick – Book
Four Queens in Envelope
Zig Zag Card
Bottle Trick
The Magic Number Cards

Online access to Secret Video Instructions & Live Show videos


Executive Magic Set
with Medium Vanishing Handkerchief for Ages 13-15


Executive Magic Set
with Large Vanishing Handkerchief for Ages 16 to Adult


Best Magic Set