Magic Tutorials or Live Magic Classes

1) You can download and watch some great magic trick tutorials.

2) You can attend live online magic classes. For kids, the classes are through an online school.
For adults, contact James directly for private one-on-one Zoom classes.

Cool Tricks to Download – the tutorials

Click on the three dots, in the bottom left of each video, to download to your device. The downloaded videos will play faster with no lag.

Will The Cards Match

Lie Detector / 9 Card Spelling Trick

A more in-depth explanation of the Lie Detector / 9 Card Spelling Trick

Find Three Chosen Cards

Live Online Classes

Learn Incredible Magic Tricks

Gold Medal-winning magician James Cielen has taught thousands of kids how to do magic in his online magic classes.

Try out a live online class

Looking for more fun learning options for your child? James Cielen teaches online on Outschool, a platform with thousands of classes for kids around the world.

Outschool offers over 140,000 classes taught by experienced and fully vetted teachers. From Magic to Robotics Design, there’s a safe and social class for every kid’s interest!

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