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Winner of

The Gold Medal

International Award of Excellence


Gold Medal International Award of Excellence



Just as there are no better judges of magic than magicians themselves, there is no more a prestigious measure of a magician's ability than the recognition of his peers.

As the winner of the distinguished Gold Medal Award of Excellence, James Cielen has earned that recognition.

The Gold Medal was awarded to James Cielen at the 60th Annual Convention of The International Brotherhood of Magicians in Boston, USA. It acknowledges a level of excellence in the performance of magic so outstanding, James Cielen is only the third magician in history judged worthy of this honor.

In presenting the Gold Medal, the judges applauded James Cielen's exceptional technical ability as well as his impeccable style, presentation and showmanship. The winning of this coveted Award establishes James Cielen as both a "magician's magician" and one of the most talented and exciting performers on stage today. 


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